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WALTHER Spritz- und Lackersysteme GmbH

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Pressure tank application system for abrasive media

Technical details

  • Material pressure tank, Type MDG, galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Size as specified: 12, 22*, 24, 45*, 60 liters
  • Additional sizes on request.
  • PILOT PREMIUM-AR available as a spray gun component*
  • 5 m compressed air hose from the pressure regulator at the pressure tank to the spray gun
  • 5 m material hose from the material pressure tank to the spray gun
  • Electric-powered agitator
  • Option: fill level measurement technology


* Special information PILOT PREMIUM AR: The regulator for the connection to the spray gun is
attached to the container itself. Please use purified compressed air


* With the MDG 22 and MDG 45 models, the paint shipping cans from the factory can be inserted in the tank. The paint is then drawn directly from the drum; this reduces the effort required for cleaning.