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WALTHER Spritz- und Lackersysteme GmbH

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Recirculating systems for abrasive materials

Recirculating systems are of particular interest when dealing with materials that tend to settle out. Clogging hoses and pipes must be reliably prevented. To serve this need, WALTHER PILOT has developed systems which combine maximum process reliability with maximum expectations for the results.


Technical details and components

Available Material tanks, pumps and spray guns

Type MDG material pressure tank, galvanized or stainless steel. Size as specified: 12, 22*, 24, 45*, 60 liters; additional sizes on request.

Dual diaphragm pump MBP 5212 made of polypropylene (for water-based materials) or acetal (conductive, for solvent-based materials; explosion-proof)

  • PILOT Premium AR
  • Electric-powered agitator
  • Compressed air and material hoses if needed
  • Option: fill level measurement technology


* With the MDG 22 and MDG 45 models, the paint shipping cans from the factory can be inserted in the tank. The paint is then drawn directly from the drum; this reduces the effort required for cleaning.