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WALTHER Spritz- und Lackersysteme GmbH

Kärntner Str. 18-30
D-42327 Wuppertal

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The WALTHER PILOT line of pumps includes several designs, such as dual-diaphragm, piston and extrusion pumps (the latter are used in adhesive handling). The dual-diaphragm pumps are superbly suited to achieving high pumping capacity or when handling sensitive or abrasive media. Wherever higher material pressures are required, we can provide the pressure-intensified piston pumps in the PILOT Vesir series. Four PILOT series are available for maximum pressure (airless) applications: Gordon, Bestwin, Wodan and Praetor. The PILOT Gordon and Bestwin versions can be supplied prepared for air-supported airless applications (AirCoat). The PILOT Bestwin range is suitable for hot spraying applications and the PILOT Wodan and Praetor lines can be retrofitted at any time with material heaters either in the stub line or the recirculation system.

To round out our product range, we also offer multi-component metering and mixing systems. These include versions with a fixed mixing ratio and systems with electronic control. These configurations will, however, have to be laid out specifically for your application situation.