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WALTHER Spritz- und Lackersysteme GmbH

Kärntner Str. 18-30
D-42327 Wuppertal

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Paints, inks, cleaning agents

Technical details

Standard marking paint type WPF 1922

  • Characteristics: alcohol-based, eco-friendly product
  • Quickdrying, clear marking points, weatherproof
  • Application: marking dry surfaces e.g. sheet metal, pipes
  • WPF 1922: different shades available on request
  • WFF 1922: white, red, fluorescent green
  • Corresponding thinner: WPV 0218


Standard marking ink type WPT 1800

  • Characteristics: eco-friendly alcohol-acetone-based product 
  • Quick drying, clear marking points, for light-colored surfaces
  • Application: for marking dry or slightly damp surfaces 
  • Frequently used to mark defects
  • WPT 1800: RGB Black color range, further shades available on request
  • Corresponding thinner: WPV 0166


Special marking paint type WPF 0232

  • Characteristics: dichloromethane-based product. Quick drying, dries within one second
  • Application: for marking dry and oily surfaces
  • WPF 0232: various paint shades as needed
  • WFF 0232: fluorescent magenta, white, red, green
  • Corresponding thinner: WPV 0222


For your interest: Exhaust equipment required when using dicholormethane. Please contact us for further informations.



  Name part no
Standard marking paint type WPF 1922 WPF 1922
Standard marking ink type WPT 1800 WPT 1800
Special marking paint type WPF 0232 WPF 0232