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Spray booths TYPE 90 W/90 WS/90 K

Technical details

  • Suitable for medium- to large-size work pieces that can be placed before the exhaust surface
  • Available in 7 widths, of from 1.0 to 4.0 m
  • Optional system height of up to 3,000 mm
  • Any desired working widths can be achieved by combining different sizes (Models 90 W and WS)
  • As of size 50 (3 m) difision of the exhaust surfaces with separate or joint operation
  • The 90 K plenum is available with an insertion slit where a crane is used to load the workpiece


Available versions


  • Exhaust panel with roof panel



Exhaust panel with movable side panels measuring, depending on ths size, 1 x 480 or 2 x 480 mm deep and a roof panel to optimize air flow around the workpiece.



Exhaust panel with fixed planum, 1,000 or 2,000 mm deep, depending on the size. Isolates the painting workstation from other production areas.



  Name part no
Model 10 (Working width: 1,000 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry
Model 20 (Working width: 1,500 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry
Model 30 (Working width: 2,000 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry
Model 40 (Working width: 2,500 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry
Model 50 (Working width: 3,000 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry
Model 60 (Working width: 3,500 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry
Model 70 (Working width: 4,000 mm) Auf Anfrage/On inquiry