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Notes and explanations



The round-to-wide jet regulation can be adjusted at the gun itself.


PILOT WA 900 without adapter plate

It is advisable to keep a second PILOT WA 900 without adapter plate in stock.

Automatic spray guns / with internal control

Automatic spray guns with internal control incorporate a valve to control the spraying air. When the spray gun is activated, the spraying air is first switched on and then the paint supply is opened. Closing takes place in reverse order. The quantity of round-jet and wide-jet spraying air can be adjusted at the gun.

Product details about PILOT WA 900

Get more detailed informations about WALTHER PILOT WA 900-Serie. Get extensive facts in flyers and instruction manuals. Or get in contact with us for further informations.


for external control

Automatic spray guns

In automatic spray guns for external control, the spraying air is not automatically activated by the control air. The control air is used to open the material duct. Round-jet and wide-jet air need to be externally activated and controlled. This allows easy adaptation of the spraying jet geometry to different surface
dimensions. It is also possible to use the spraying air to cool the  gun after the spray-ing process. The spraying air may also be used to air-blast the object.

For further informations visit the downloads. Look for the current WALTHER PILOT product catalogue for 2016.

Automatic spray gun with a diaphragm

The following spray gun is available: PILOT SIGNIER MEMBRANE. Look for more products and get further infromations on the download site.

The diaphragm spray gun is an alternative to spray guns with a needle seal packing. Due to the diaphragm, the wetted parts of the gun are hermetically separated from the air-side components. This special design operates without wear and is the ideal choice for problematic materials (e.g. abrasive or moisture-curing materials).

Mounting systems for automatic spray guns

Mounting systems are available to match every automatic spray gun. Spikes, flanges, cross clamps, flange clamps, foot clamps, angle clamps and hinge clamps are all available. We will gladly assist you.


The material is pumped from the container to the spray guns. After the final spray gun in the chain, the material returns to the container via a counterpressure controller. This means that the material is constantly in circulation and does not settle in the lines. 


A nozzle insert consists of an air cap, a material nozzle and a needle. When ordering spare parts, it is generally advisable to order the entire nozzle insert. We will be happy to advise you.
For your interest: Spare parts are guaranteed to be available for 10 years.


A repair kit includes all the wearing parts, as recommended.


Optimum coating technologies are developed in the state-of-the-art WALTHER PILOT applications laboratory. These services are normally offered free of charge to our customers.

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