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Renewal of a plant for protective underbody coating

The project was started by a tip given to WALTHER within the Wagner Group by Reinhardt-Technik. Since the core competencies of the individual sites differ, WALTHER is the right contact for this project. Due to the cross-plant cooperation, an optimal solution could be delivered to the customer.

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Air atomizing application of zinc flake systems

Together with the material manufacturer (Dörken Coatings GmbH & Co. KG), we have developed an alternative coating option for zinc flake systems to the usual electrostatic application. 

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For the application of adhesives, release agents and much more


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Pilot GA 9010 Marking

Sharp-edged markings for a smooth production process

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The creation of a chocolate sculpture in a live demonstration via zoom transmission - The PILOT Mini spray gun from WALTHER was used to apply the chocolate. 

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Solvent distillation equipment

Cost savings through solvent recovery

Your contribution to VOC emission reduction can be summarized in three steps: Avoidance, reduction and regeneration. By using solvents sparingly and reusing them, you protect the environment, save money and contribute to the sustainability of your production processes.

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PILOT GA 1020/1030

Modular design for all coating requirements

Find out about the universally applicable automatic spray gun.


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Get detailed informations about the new PILOT 2K BONDING for simply handling.

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