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Profitable for operation and environment

Contaminated solvents and diluents are filled into the stainless steel inner tank, heated and evaporated. The uniform heating is fully automatic via the stainless steel jacket which is filled with diathermic oil, which is heated by heating resistors. The solvent vapor reaches the condenser via the vapor collection pipe and condenses. The line of the condenser is made of copper. An optional stainless steel condenser for acid or chlorinated solvents is advisable. The distillate is collected in a canister and can be reused immediately. Optionally, we offer vacuum devices, which reduce the distillation temperature for sensitive materials (flash point is lower than distillation temperature). By using foil bags, the residues that cannot be distilled can be cleanly removed from the boiler and disposed of.

Depending on the degree of contamination, up to 97% of the solvent content can be recovered.

Our distillation units operate at atmospheric pressure. In the event of a power interruption, even if it lasts only a few seconds, the regeneration unit automatically sets itself to cycle end.

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