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Material preparation

The material tanks built by WALTHER PILOT are highly suited for preparing, evacuating, adjusting temperature and, of course, conveying a variety of materials without pulsations. The pressure tanks (MDG) for materials and the paint mixing tanks (FMB) are standard units, available optionally in galvanized steel or stainless steel (alloy 1.4301).

If desired, you can also obtain these in any of a variety of materials (unfinished, primed, or painted steel) and coated with the widest assortment of materials. Of course, customerspecific solutions can also be supplied. Examples are tanks with an external heating jacket and insulation, double-walled containers for heating or cooling (optionally with a threadmount heater or prepared for an external temperature control unit), and optical and electrical fill level sensors. Also available are air-driven and electric agitators with a number of power levels and speeds, including those which are speed-controlled and certified as per the ATEX directive. New to the line are the modular tanks for your own configuration. Our low-pressure tanks (LDG) are also available for conventional applications. These feature low weight and swing-bolt fasteners.



This innovative concept for configuring pressurized tanks makes fpr flexible integration into the customer's production operations. The tanks from a "building block" system so that a large number of optional accessories can be attached. Examples include aditators, fill level qauges and cover lifts. The fact that we have these items in stock ebables dispatch a short notice. The containers are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in several standard sizes. All the tanks are equipped with quick closures (swing-bolt fasteners). The MDG 22and 45 models feature an inlet connection, too. Also new at WALTHER PILOT are low-energy, air-driven agitators which, compared with conventional agitators, use only about half the energy.



WALTHER PILOT produces single-and double-walled pressure tanks up to a capacity of 2,000 liters, based on our standard MDG series or according to customer specifications. (Additional bushimgs, holes, heating, jackets etc.)

In double-wall tanks. a heating or cooling medium is used to ensure optimum  processing  temperatures in the material. Level and temperature measurement can be integrated fpr process monitoring purposes. Tanks with heating jackets are also available.


Pumps / Airless / Multi-component systems

The WALTHER PILOT line of pumps includes several designs, such as dual-diaphragm, piston and extrusion pumps (the latter are used in adhesive handling). The dual-diaphragm pumps are superbly suited to achieving high pumping capacity or when handling sensitive or abrasive media. Wherever higher material pressures are required, we can provide the pressure-intensified piston pumps in the PILOT Vesir series. Four PILOT series are available for maximum pressure (airless) applications: Gordon, Bestwin, Wodan and Praetor. The PILOT Gordon and Bestwin versions can be supplied prepared for air-supported airless applications (AirCoat). The PILOT Bestwin range is suitable for hot spraying applications and the PILOT Wodan and Praetor lines can be retrofitted at any time with material heaters either in the stub line or the recirculation system.


The design, engineering and approval of the pressurized tanks are in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (AD-2000 Rules). Over and above that, we are also qualified to manufacture and certify containers as per the ASME Code and the Chinese Quality License.


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