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Occupational safety, filter and cleaning technology

To facilitate working in the paint shop and other areas of manufacturing, we have augmented our traditional product line with sensible products that are, in fact, not spray and painting technology, but nonetheless are needed daily. Through years of experience in the fields of occupational safety, filter technology, and cleaning technology we can offer you – in addition to the products themselves – comprehensive consulting. In this way we can collaborate to find the right product for you.

Occupational safety

In accordance with compensation insurance rules BGR 231 will normally require wearing respirators even in areas with sufficient air supply and exhaust. Here both the ATEX directives and the BGR 190 (governing the use of respirators) will have to be satisfied. We have selected suitable products for this purpose and have augmented them with additional products for personal safety equipment.

Filter technology

Where it is necessary to filter overspray and other particulates in extraction systems we offer you our highly effective multi-layer filters. With years of experience in the construction of spray booths we can also offer you here special solutions and this at favorable prices, depending on your actual consumption of filter materials.

Cleaning technology

In order to produce high-quality products you need a suitable operating environment. For this purpose we offer you on the one hand products to blend and filter your media so that these can be applied at low cost with disposable gravity-flow cups. On the other hand, products that protect the booth itself to keep the working environment clean.

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