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WALTHER Spritz- und Lackersysteme GmbH

Kärntner Str. 18-30
D-42327 Wuppertal

+49 202 / 787-0
202 / 787 - 2217

A member of WAGNER GROUP

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is an international market leader and renowned specialist in equipment and systems used for material
conveyance and application.

"Made in Germany" becomes actively live.

Our product development efforts focus on economy, environment protection, occupational health and benefits to the user. As a vendor of both components and systems, WALTHER PILOT is known for perfection right down to the last detail. For years now we have had a major influence on both national and international markets.


"WALTHER PILOT offers not only top-class products, but it is also an immense expertise at your disposal"

Wilhelm W. Schmidts, CEO

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It is important for us to set highlights. Discover innovative technologies and services at WALTHER PILOT. The newest topic in articles are 24 hours of service and the PILOT VAKUBOND.

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