Sustainability was ingrained in Walther Pilot over 100 years ago. That is why our product solutions are known around the world for their many years of reliability.

We are aware of our responsibility to protect our nature, the environment and thus ourselves and future generations. That is why we fill our sustainable internal and external company processes with life every day.



From material procurement to disposal, from the initial product idea to handover to our customers, we always consider the impact of our activities on the environment and are committed to sustainability.

Our entire sustainability strategy is based on three pillars, the viability of which we constantly review and continuously improve:

Ecology, Economy and Social.


We always use environmentally friendly materials and technologies to manufacture our product solutions. By using energy-efficient machines and manufacturing processes, we minimize the consumption of valuable resources and reduce emissions.

The responsible handling of residual materials is particularly close to our hearts. Recycling, reuse and comprehensive waste management are important core points of our understanding in dealing with our environment.

We attach great importance to the increasing avoidance of waste and the recycling of high-grade materials which cannot (yet) be avoided at the present time. We will keep at it, we promise!

Our latest big step in the right direction: After intensive research we have changed our entire packaging material to renewable raw materials, which are ecologically and no longer pollute the environment, see for yourself:

About our new sustainable packaging


We always strive for the best economical solution for our customers, and of course for ourselves.

In doing so, we strive for long-term economic stability and rely on high-quality, durable and recyclable components. This optimizes the use of resources and reduces waste.

At the same time, we work closely with our supply partners to implement sustainable solutions and promote social responsibility. We trust local suppliers and rely on fair trade practices.

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For our employees, we create a working environment focused on fairness, equality and prosperity for us all. We invest in their training and promote their professional development.

Join us, become part of a strong and innovative community, we look forward to creating great things together with you in the future:

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Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to our internal processes. At Walther Spritz- und Lackiersysteme GmbH, sustainability is more than just a word - it is a core value that is embedded in all our activities. Together, we can bring about positive change and create a sustainable future.

Learn more about our sustainable solutions by following the links. Contact us today to find out more information and create a sustainable future together!