Compliance by WALTHER

Responsible, fair and law-abiding actions are the foundations of our business relationships with clients, suppliers, employees and all other society groups. For the Wagner Group, compliance and sustainability are an integral part of the company's success in both economic and social terms. In addition to the applicable laws, the Code of Conduct provides the framework for employee actions and is supplemented by other internal guidelines. Open and fair communication between employees and managers provides guidance at all times and supports our values and daily actions. Violations of rule-abiding behaviour will not be tolerated in the Wagner Group. Any indications of misconduct are carefully examined and investigated.


Report system

Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear does not help with problems, especially when they involve violations of the law and serious misconduct by employees or even business partners. In addition to the direct option to report any grievances to superiors and an independent body, the Wagner Group also offers the opportunity to submit information anonymously to this body.

With the anonymous "Wagner Integrity Line" whistleblowing system, we are complying with both the legal obligations and our own expectations of transparent action. 


Here’s how it works

With the electronic whistleblowing system, all business partners and employees can anonymously report information on serious compliance violations. The data is managed on external servers of a certified provider in the EU. The provider itself has no access to this data. Technical traceability by Wagner Group employees to the whistleblower is therefore not possible. Only if you wish can you give up your anonymity.

By submitting a tip, you can enter into dialogue with an independent body via the system's electronic mailbox, where you can describe your case and share files and photos.

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