WALTHER Pilot - Business units

System solutions

Individual material and application systems, according to your specific requirements. Our WALTHER CLS team supports you.

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Material preparation

From the material pressure tanks to the feed pump. We advise you on the optimum choice of equipment and customer-specific configurations.

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Application technology

From manual application to marking system. The right airspray gun for each of your material configurations. Contact us.

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News from WALTHER

Hello grass fiber!

Walther Pilot relies on plastic-free packaging made from grass fibers and renewable raw materials that are 100% recyclable to reduce plastic waste…

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Sales Conference 2023

In celebration of Walther Pilot's 100th anniversary, the prestigious international sales conference of J. Wagner took place in Wuppertal.

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Anwendung GM 1030G


Versatile GM 1030G complements product family

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Surface technology award 2022

Automatic precision atomizer for zinc flake application.

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Geschäftsführung Ralf Mosbacher

VDMA Technical Department Executive Board

The managing director of WALTHER Spritz- und Lackiersysteme GmbH is a new member of the board of the VDMA Surface Technology Department. 

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Rundumblick PaintExpo 2022

PaintExpo 2022 Review

The fair took place from 26 to 29 April 2022 in Karlsruhe.

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Schokoladenskulptur ZDS mit Pilot Mini

Creation of a chocolate sculpture

Application of chocolate with the Pilot Mini

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Auftrag von Zinklamellensystemen

Air atomizing application of zinc flake systems

 An alternative coating option for zinc flake systems.

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Solvent distillation equipment

Your contribution to VOC emission reduction can be summarized in three steps.

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Pilot GA 1020 / 1030 Anwendung

GA1020 / GA1030

Find out about the universally applicable automatic spray gun.

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Pilot GM1030P


Spray gun for the application of adhesives, release agents and much more.

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Pilot GA9010

Pilot GA9010

Markings with sharp edges for a smooth production flow.

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Pilot 2K Bonding System

Pilot 2K Bonding

Find out about the new spray gun for easy handling.

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