1950er WKB Behaelter

Entry tank construction
Pressure tank in use with spray booth

1950er Fliessband Beschichtungsanlage Massenproduktion

Mass production solution
Assembly line coating system

Remarkable Adaptability to Mass Production

With the industry's boom in the 1950s, Walther becomes a key player in the coating industry. The introduction of the first automatic spray gun occurs at a time when the requirements for efficient painting applications are steadily increasing. The booming automotive industry demands more precise and faster painting processes to keep pace with the rising demand for vehicles. Walther drives the ever-increasing mass production forward, expanding its influence in a decade characterized by technical progression and industrial dynamism.

The expansion of the pressure tank program is a logical response to these developments. Not only are compact tanks needed, but also considerably larger ones that allow the conveying of large quantities. In addition to high-performance spray guns, the demand for high-quality coating results also requires innovative tanks that enabled the safe storage of paints and the supply of materials on a large scale. Thanks to this swift alignment with the market situation at that time, Walther quickly becomes a leading manufacturer of material pressurized material tanks.