1970er Klebstoff Absaugetisch

Start adhesive application
Adhesive suction table

1970er Mann im Anzug

Walther Pilot pumps
Photo shoot à la 007

1970er Hildegard Walther

Hildegard Walther
New management

1970er Paul Dreisbach

Paul Dreisbach
New management

1970er Werk Wuppertal Gebaeude

Wuppertal Vohwinkel location
Administration building in the 70s

1970er Werk Struthuetten

Neunkirchen-Struthütten location
Production plant in the 70s

1970er Werk Struthuetten Versand

Neunkirchen-Struthütten Location
Shipping department in the 70s

A Decade of Decisive Changes at Walther

The 1970s begin with a bereavement that seamlessly connects to the previous decade. Just a few years after the death of Richard Curt, his son Herbert Walther dies in 1970. With their deaths in quick succession, the two leave a noticeable gap.

From now on, Hildegard Walther and Paul Dreisbach, an employee with over 25 years of service, take over the management of the family business.

Economically, the 1970s are characterized by an increasing demand for efficient adhesive application systems due to advancing industrial development, especially in the growing demand in automotive and consumer goods production. In response, Walther transfers its expertise in coating technology to adhesive application. Furthermore, these advances not only optimize the production process but also contribute to more environmentally friendly practices, as the coating industry increasingly shifts to water-based paints. This strategic entry reflects the company's ability to adapt optimally to market requirements.