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Hello grass fiber!

Walther Pilot relies on plastic-free packaging made from grass fibers and renewable raw materials that are 100% recyclable to reduce plastic waste pollution and create a sustainable future together!

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Walther Pilot's switch to environmentally friendly packaging is another step towards a sustainable future. As a company specializing in the manufacture of equipment and systems for material handling and application, we are aware of our responsibility to do our part to reduce our environmental impact.

Our newly developed cardboard boxes and shipping envelopes are made from 30% grass fiber and 70% recycled paper and contain 0% plastic, including microplastics. This is because we have opted for a packaging material that is made from renewable raw materials and is fully recyclable. This applies to the boxes for all spray gun models as well as the envelopes for spare and small parts. The transparent windows of the envelopes are also 100% plastic-free. With regard to the new inlays in our packaging, which are essential for protecting our products during transportation, we have opted for a foam insert made from 100% recycled plastic.

With these resource-saving alternatives to conventional packaging, we are reducing pollution from plastic waste and minimizing the negative impact on the climate.

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