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Pilot GA9010

Markings with sharp edges for a smooth production flow.

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Pilot GA9010

Pilot GA9010


Our Pilot GA 9010 Marking is the combination of all first-rate benefits of his predecessors, the successfull WA-200-/ and Markingseries. More light and compact then ever, markings between 2.5 mm and 25 mm with short switching times are possible without problems, even with multiple spraying guns attached in one System.

This particular construction method paves the way to modify into flushable or recirculation version, without having to change the basic model. The Pilot GA 9010 Marking Membrane is a variation which withstands even highly abrasive materials and convinces when handling moisture-hardening, aswell as fast drying paints all along the line.


The model Marking is utilized inter alia in the field of:

  • Pharmacy
  • Automobile
  • Food industry
  • Marking of scrap parts
  • Weld inspection
  • Dot-/ and Linemarking