Inliners protect the container from contamination. They are made of thin-layer, durable polypropylene and can therefore be used with all solvent- or water-based media. To avoid static charge, the inli

The PILOT GA 9010 Marking is an automatic spray gun for dot or line marking. It is suitable for alphanumeric marking. With the PILOT GA 9010 Marking, sharp-edged markings are possible. Due to the extr

The PILOT III-K spray gun is exclusively suitable for solvent adhesives. The PILOT III-K model has proven itself many times over, especially in the upholstery industry and for laminating in the automo

We offer material hoses in various designs. The hoses are silicone-free, tread-resistant, oil-, benzene-, chemical- and solvent-resistant. We also offer hoses for dispersion adhesives.