Renewal of a plant for protective underbody coating

Initial situation

Since 2011, the material supply has been conveyed via a 200 liter double RAM pump station with barrel follower plate. The plant pumps directly into a pipeline system at approx. 180 bar. In winter, due to the position of the plant, electric heating sleeves are used for the 200-liter containers. Inside the two booths for underbody coating, the pressure is reduced to approx. 120 bar via a material regulator. In each booth, a take-off point with an angular nozzle is mounted on a gun. The barrel is changed every 3-5 days. Due to high wear, a total of 3 lower pumps are in use. The upper packings of the pump are increasingly causing problems. Thus every 4 weeks a repair with approx. 900€ total costs and a downtime of approx. 2 hours takes place.


Project start

The project was started by a tip given to WALTHER within the Wagner Group by Reinhardt-Technik. Since the core competencies of the individual sites differ, WALTHER is the right contact for this project. Due to the cross-plant cooperation, an optimal solution could be delivered to the customer.



The new CLS system consists of a 200 liter lifter station with two-hand control, with airtight lid, using the existing 200 liter container (barrel), an agitator and a new transfer pump. Everything is completely mounted on a catch basin with back wall from the CLS modular system. In addition, a double-acting differential piston pump with 60:1 ratio and >240 ccm/DH output is used. The CLS system still supplies pressure to the existing raw line. In the booth, the pressure is still reduced to approx. 120 bar working pressure via a material regulator. As an expansion stage, a heated material pressure vessel, as a working vessel for continuous conveying, can be used between the barrel pump and the transfer pump. From December to March, the customer temporarily operated a demo plant for testing and to maintain his production. The plant showed no signs of wear.


Customer benefit

The newly installed CLS - system reduces the customer's downtime and running costs to one maintenance per year. In addition, the required quality is ensured by the agitator used. In all probability, the planned amortization period will be significantly undercut. In addition, a larger number of spare and wear parts are in stock at WALTHER.