1920er Richard Curt Walther

Richard Curt Walther
Company founder

1920er Autolackierer

Use of spray guns
Exterior painting of car bodyworks

1920er Luftikus

The "Luftikus" spray gun
First product of the Leipziger Tangierwerke and R. C. Walther

1920er Walther Gebaeude

The Spritzapparate und Maschinenbauanstalt
Founded 1923 in Wuppertal Vohwinkel

Wuppertal Gebiete

Wuppertal Map
Areas and division since 1929; Source: Wikipedia

The Birth of Walther Pilot

The history of Walther Spritz- und Lackiersysteme GmbH dates back to the early 1920s. On December 15, 1923, Richard Curt Walther founded the Spritzapparate und Maschinenbauanstalt in Wuppertal Vohwinkel, a place that would later become part of the emerging city of Wuppertal.

Amidst rapid industrialization and the increasing demand for efficient solutions for the exterior painting of automobiles, Richard Curt Walther recognizes the potential of spray guns as a cost-effective and profitable alternative. His experiences during his work at the Leipzig Tangierwerke, where he was intensively involved in the manufacture of spray guns, led him to set up his own business.

The breakthrough comes with the distribution of the "Luftikus" spray gun, developed in collaboration with the Leipziger Tangierwerke specifically for painting applications. Inspired by the "Automizer," a groundbreaking atomizer for medical applications developed around 1910 by Allen DeVilbiss in the USA, the "Luftikus" spray gun represents a pioneering innovation.

As demand from the Westphalian region surpasses the capacity of the Leipzig plant, Richard Curt Walther founds his own company on 15 December 1923, in a small workshop on Kärntner Straße in Vohwinkel. This marks the founding of the Walther company, long before Wuppertal took its current form as a city. It would take six more years for the districts of Vohwinkel, Elberfeld, Barmen, Cronenberg, Ronsdorf, and Lüttringhausen to merge in 1929 into the present-day city.

From this point on, Walther plays a crucial role in spreading paint technology across Europe and significantly shaping vehicle painting. With groundbreaking innovations and the powerful promise of providing a suitable solution for every painting requirement, Walther contributes significantly to optimizing the efficiency and quality of painting applications, setting new standards in the entire industry.