1930er Klein Farbspritz Anlagen

consisting of compressor, cup gun and carrying case

1930er Schuster

Footwear painting
Klein-Farbspritz-Anlage in use

1930er PILOT Puder Flockpistole

Powder and flock gun
with suction cup

1930er Herbert Walther

Herbert Walther
Son of R. C. Walther

Pioneering Work in a Time of Change

In the eventful 1930s, the Walther brand plays an important role in industrial transformation. The introduction of the first "Klein-Farbspritz-Anlage," consisting of a compressor, cup gun, and carrying case, as well as the first spray gun devices for simultaneously coating small parts with paints and colors in large quantities, marks decisive milestones in coating technology. The ability to handle various coating tasks with a single system not only make the products highly efficient but also extremely cost-effective.

These progressive impulses are particularly thanks to Herbert Walther, who joins his father's business with great enthusiasm after completing his engineering training in 1933 and drives forward the expansion of the product range.

Especially the focus on versatility as well as the astute understanding of the market requirements of the time are key success factors, as a result of which Walther experiences a continuously growing popularity already in the early 1930s of the Weimar Republic.