1990er Einstieg Kleinanlagenbau KLA

Kleinanlagenbau (KLA)
New business field for system solutions

1990er UEbergabe DIN ISO 9001

Handover of DIN ISO 9001 certificate
First issued by RWTÜV in 1997

1990er Lackierbox

Coating box
Model from the 90s

1990er Autolackierbox

Car painting box
with VW Golf II

1990er Autolackierung

Car painting
Painting process on the VW Golf II

1990er Spritzstaende Absaugsystem

Suction spray booths
Models from the 90s

1990er Werk Wuppertal Gebaeude

Wuppertal Vohwinkel location
Administration building in the 90s

1990er Werk Struthuetten

Neunkirchen-Struthütten location
Production plant in the 90s

Focus on International Success

In the 1990s, the previous strategy proves highly successful in terms of the company's economic upturn. In 1998, Wilhelm W. Schmidts finally takes over as the sole managing director, and the workforce increases rapidly to 119 employees, allowing Walther to continue its successful course and comprehensively expand its product portfolio.

The introduction of the "Kleinanlagenbau" (KLA) business division marks a strategic step for the company towards comprehensive system solutions.

With this, Walther underscores its commitment to finding the optimal solution for all challenges and needs. This targeted adaptation is in line with the requirements of a changing coating industry that increasingly seeks efficient and integrated solutions.

Concurrently, the company successfully taps into international markets, including the establishment of a joint venture in China. This move aims to capitalize on global economic growth potentials and increase international presence.