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Logo of the J. Wagner GmbH

2000er Duesenverlaengerungen

Nozzle extensions
with various angle attachments

2000er ATEX Konformitaet

ATEX conformity
Example of an ATEX-compliant pump

Strategic Course Setting with Acquisition by WAGNER

The 2000s represent a phase of further development and specialization for Walther, which is carried by crucial strategic decisions. In 2002, the company is acquired by J. Wagner GmbH, with Walther retaining its status as an independent brand. Beneath this holding, the company focuses on niche products to strengthen its position in specialized market segments.

In addition to the development of nozzle extensions, enabling precise coating applications in hard-to-reach areas and the expansion of adhesive technology, the company achieves a significant milestone in 2003: the ATEX compliance of its entire product range.

This step emphasizes Walther's commitment to the highest safety standards, especially in potentially explosive environments. ATEX certification ensures compliance with the strictest safety regulations and highlights Walther's proactive approach, evident in an increasing focus on occupational health and safety. The continuous technological advancements require a steadily growing awareness of the importance of safety measures, which Walther actively addresses with this certification.