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Versatile GM 1030G complements product family

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Anwendung GM 1030G
GM1030G Konventionell


In addition to the automatic gun GA 1020/1030, the product family also includes the manual gun GM 1030P with material connection. The new GM 1030G with gravity-feed cup is in no way inferior to the latter and can also be used for a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors, such as processing foam in the furniture industry or in other applications in the metal and plastics industries and much more.


Flexible application possibilities
For flexible processing of low to high viscosity materials with a high solids content, the GM 1030G, just like the GM 1030P, has a maximum material passage. All components in contact with the material are made of durable stainless steel. Solvent-resistant seals allow uncomplicated use of the gun with both water- and solvent-based materials. Depending on the application, a wide range of proven air cup variants, nozzle sizes and other accessory components can be used, each of which is also compatible with the GA 1020/1030 and GM 1030P models.


Proven technology for efficient results
Just like the GM 1030P, the new gravity-feed cup version also produces an extremely uniform spray pattern. The optimised air channel ensures a very low paint mist and saves material consumption. For process-reliable coating with a constant material flow rate, the GM 1030G is equipped with a fixable needle stroke adjustment. Matthias Mandal, Product Manager at Walther Pilot, reports: "This enables a coating efficiency of almost 90% to be achieved".


Durable components and easy operation
For the entire 1030 product family, great importance is attached to a long service life and easy handling. For example, with the unique two-piece nozzle - consisting of nozzle head and nozzle nut - it is sufficient to replace only the nozzle when necessary instead of replacing the complete nozzle as is usually the case. Long-life needle packings and solvent-resistant seals contribute to lower maintenance costs and high availability. The desired ergonomic design supports fatigue-free work even over longer periods of time.

Sales Conference  2023

Sales Conference 2023