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Surface technology award 2022

Automatic precision atomizer for zinc flake application.

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The Surface Technology Award 2022 was presented at a ceremony on 21 June 2022 at the "SurfaceTechnology Germany" trade fair in Stuttgart. In cooperation with Dörken Coatings, Walther Spritz- und Lackiersysteme GmbH has designed an automatic precision atomiser for zinc flake application which, in conjunction with a robot, can partially coat components with absolute reproducibility and virtually no spray mist. Out of 20 innovations to choose from, our joint project reached the selection of the five best projects and a respectable 4th place in a select competitive environment. Production processes and products are increasingly measured by factors such as energy efficiency, sustainability, degree of innovation, their contribution to competitiveness and their industrial feasibility. Based on these different criteria, the "THE SURFACE" award honours the most innovative applications and technologies within all disciplines of surface technology.