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Air atomizing application of zinc flake systems

 An alternative coating option for zinc flake systems.

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Auftrag von Zinklamellensystemen


Together with the material manufacturer (Dörken Coatings GmbH & Co. KG), we have developed an alternative coating option for zinc flake systems to the usual electrostatic application.


  • air atomizing application of zinc flake systems
  • Reduction of investment and maintenance costs
  • Savings in the use of materials
  • Elimination of all masking efforts and their costs
  • High process stability and higher part throughput
  • Typical applications are the partial coating of components such as brake discs, wheel bearings or cylindrical components in general.

Because the coating material contains metal pigments in lamellar form, the special feature is to prevent clogging of the automatic gun and overgrowth of the nozzle.

Another task was to spray the coating material with sharp edges at a dry film thickness of only 10 µm.

The coating thicknesses were measured with the Layer Check LC 1000.

In addition to an application-specific automatic gun solution PILOT GA 9010 Marking Membran, the reproducible results in conjunction with the robot are the result. Masking of the workpieces is no longer necessary with this. The installations and framework conditions for an electrostatically supported spray application can be dispensed with here.

A relevant advantage of this material supply is also that the robust, reliable process does not require any rinsing (e.g. during work breaks), which makes the additional use of solvent products unnecessary.

Thus, depending on the setup of the previous material supply, up to 60 minutes of daily working time can be saved.

For companies that process components for the automotive industry, for example, edge-to-edge painting becomes more profitable with GA 9010 Marking and a coordinated material supply.

The reasons for this are better efficiency in applying the material, reduction of process time/costs by eliminating masking, and ultimately a sustainable, economical and ecological result. 


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