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Creation of a chocolate sculpture

Application of chocolate with the Pilot Mini

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Schokoladenskulptur ZDS mit Pilot Mini

Mr. Buss is a self-employed chocolatier and holds seminars at the Chocolate AcademyTM Center in Cologne. His specialty is chocolates. He passes on his profound knowledge at events worldwide.  As a specialist with great experience, he was invited by the ZDS (Central College of the German Confectionery Industry) in Solingen to the 70th anniversary celebration to show the creation of a chocolate sculpture in a live demonstration via zoom transmission.  He used the PILOT Mini hand gun from WALTHER to apply the chocolate.  Those who wanted to follow the entire work process in more detail in addition to the ongoing lectures of the ZDS day program could do so in a break-out session. Step by step, he demonstrated high dexterity and created a detailed work of art and masterpiece. 

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